Cost of Childbirth

Controlling Costs: Pregnancy and Childbirth

Do you know the cost of childbirth in the United States? Time's Money magazine reports that the average hospital cost of…

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Dermatology Costs

Controlling Costs: Dermatology

Most people know that you should schedule an annual checkup with your primary care physician and visit the dentist regularly…

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Workplace Culture

Is Your Workplace Culture Harming Your Employees’ Health?

Workplace culture has a bigger impact on your employees' health than you may think. Your company's culture influences a wide…

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Understanding Health Insurance

Do Your Employees Understand Their Health Insurance?

Everyone knows that they need to take care of their health, but when it comes to truly understanding health insurance, how…

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Online Medical Advice

The Pros and Cons of Online Medical Advice Websites

You want your employees to stay on top of their health, and it makes sense that they would turn to the internet to help them…

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sabbatical leave policy

Finding the Right Sabbatical Leave Policy for Your Company

It's not uncommon for college professors to go on sabbatical, but what about other types of employees? At its base, a…

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Insurance for Newborns

Insurance for Newborns and Growing Families

Having a baby changes everything. No, really it does. Even how employees use health insurance. Your organization can take…

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sick leave policy

5 Tips for a Stronger Sick Leave Policy

According to United Press International, 37 percent of Americans say they would go to work sick because they lack a sick…

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Moving off Your Parents' Health Plan

How to Prepare Employees for Moving Off Their Parents’ Health Plan

When a person turns 16 years old, they get to drive. When 21 comes around, they can drink legally. Additionally, when they…

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Navigating Workers Comp in Your Business

4 Tips for Navigating Workers’ Comp in Your Business

Workers' comp covers your employees should they get injured while on the job. According to GTM Payroll Service's list of…

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Explains how to engage employees during open enrollment

4 Ways to Keep Employees Engaged During Open Enrollment

You've emailed your employees 37 times and put a sign up in the break room, but they still seem to miss open enrollment…

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Employee Background and Your Health Insurance Plan

Employee Background and Your Health Insurance Plan

Does employee background matter when you're looking for a health insurance plan for your small business? When you're looking…

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