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Health insurance is a critical benefit for many employees.

Offering Health Insurance to Your Employees While Growing

As your business grows, offering health insurance will become an important factor in building a successful workforce. If…

Small business employees have affordable choices

Small Business Benefit Offerings Compete With the Big Boys

Small business benefit offerings are in-line with all employers, according to a survey from United Benefit Advisors. While…

Your employees are effected by the opioid crisis.

Opioids and Employers: How to Communicate the Available Resources to Your Employees

Opioids were a factor in more than 60 percent of overdose deaths in 2014, according to a study by the National Center for…

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Staying health is critical for good parenting.

New Parents Need a Solid Plan for New Challenges

For new parents, bringing home a new baby means facing a series of new challenges. As the employer of these parents, you…

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Help your employees find ways at exercise at work.

Losing Weight: Help Employees Get Fit Around the Office

Your employees may be interested in losing weight but might not have the time to work out five times per week. While some…

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Patient data reduces health care costs

How Predictive Analytics Can Positively Impact Health Care

Predictive analytics in health care can dramatically reduce costs by streamlining patient treatment, reducing waste and…

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Recycling is just one part of a green office.

Going Green: A Quick Guide to Making Your Office Eco-friendly

Going green at your office can help decrease your company's environmental footprint and boost workplace cooperation. By…

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Clean your keyboard daily.

5 Ways to Improve Clean Office Habits to Avoid Sickness

Assuming you have a clean office might mean that you're leaving yourself susceptible to germs that can cause colds, the flu…

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Work with your injured employee to maintain continuity of employment.

3 Accommodations for Short-Term Injuries

As an employer, you need to make accommodations for any employees recovering from short-term injuries. According to the…

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Annual vaccines help maintain health.

The Importance of Vaccines: Why Every Shot Counts

The importance of vaccines can't be overstated. Vaccines have saved millions of lives and are one of the primary reasons why…

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Accident coverage is an important part of a comprehensive insurance package for your employees.

What’s the Accident Coverage Lowdown for Employees?

Accident coverage plans are inexpensive insurance policies that work in conjunction with your employees' health insurance…

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Are You Leveraging Online Health Tools in Your Workplace?

Online health tools are a valuable resource for your employees. These options help them track wellness, facilitate…

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