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Health Care Fraud

Health Care Fraud: Detection and Prevention

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services report that in 2016, U.S. health care spending hit $3.3 trillion. Meanwhile…

Best Office Plants

Improving Office Health: The Benefits of Indoor Plants at Work

When employers are looking for ways to improve productivity, morale and wellness, a list of the best office plants may not…

Office Hazards

Employee Health and Safety: Hidden Office Hazards

Business owners have a great deal of responsibility when it comes to the health and safety of their workers. From ergonomic…

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Forecasting Health Care Costs

Health Care Costs and Your Small Business: How to Manage These Expenses

For small business owners, health care costs are an extremely important consideration when planning operating costs and…

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flexible working hours

Employee Health and Wellness: The Benefits of Flexible Working Hours

Discussions about flexible working hours often result in two camps disputing how productive employees can be when they…

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Transgender Health Care

Transgender Health Care: What Employers Need to Know

As an employer, you may be concerned about providing health care to your transgender employees. There are laws requiring…

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Pregnancy and Chronic Conditions

Feeling Sick While Pregnant: The Connection Between Pregnancy & Chronic Conditions

Feeling sick while pregnant is often just a fact of life. The American Pregnancy Association notes that while most women…

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Explains how to plan a health benefits fair for your employees

Planning a Benefits Fair: What Employers Need to Know

When providing information to employees about your health care benefits, planning a benefits fair may seem like an…

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Defining small business health insurance groups

How Health Insurance Changes with the Size of Your Small Business

As a business owner, it's important to understand the laws and regulations surrounding small business health insurance and…

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Using a Cheat Sheet During Open Enrollment

Using an Open Enrollment Cheat Sheet: Identifying Your Best Options

Creating an open enrollment cheat sheet can help employees prepare for their health care enrollment period. Understanding…

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Helping Your Business Go Green

Small Business Green Initiatives: Going Green in the Workplace

Due to increasing environmental concerns, incorporating small business green initiatives into the workplace has become a…

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Are Your Employees Satisfied With Their Health Plan Options?

Employee Satisfaction With Health Plan Options: Is Your Workforce Happy?

Often, employers feel that simply offering health care coverage is enough, many tend to neglect gauging employee…

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