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Volunteering Program for your workplace

Benefits of Having a Volunteer Program: The Basics

When crafting your corporate goals, take into consideration the benefits of having a volunteer program. It makes sense to…

Taking care of your skin in all weather

Skin Care for All Seasons

Many of us pay extra attention to skin care in the summer, but as the season ends, there are still reasons to take…

Health care talks that are not boring

Spice Up Your Health Care Talks for Better Employee Buy-in

Health care talks are important, but they can be overwhelming. According to The Balance, it's important to impart…

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Bike sharing may enhance your employees use of bicycles

Maximize the Benefits of Biking through Bike Share Programs

Your company wellness program may include bicycling, but the benefits of biking go beyond healthy exercise to include a…

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Aging Baby Boomers and How to Handle the Challenges

Baby Boomer Health Risks: How to Help the Aging Generation

According to the Americal Hospital Association (AHA), the number of individuals older than 65 will almost triple between…

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Help for Hypochondria

5 Tips for Handling Hypochondriac Employees Properly

It's possible that one of your employees is considered a hypochondriac. According to the Cleveland Clinic, the most current…

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How to Handle Office Controversy

Don’t Allow Office Controversy to Affect Productivity

Office controversy and ensuing discussions can quickly overtake office productivity. The nature of the controversy can be…

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Which Medical Equipment to Buy for your Office

Office Medical Equipment: Why You Need It

Depending on the nature of your business, minor or major injuries may occur. As you establish and maintain a wellness…

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Changing your company culture

Change Company Culture to Support Workplace Wellness

Promoting wellness as part of your company culture can be tricky unless you approach the changes carefully. Going from…

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Energy Efficient Office

Bringing Energy Efficiency to Work With You

With winter here, it's time to think about energy efficiency in your office. Heating the office is a major expense and…

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A woman meditating in her desk chair.

5 Office Yoga Movements to Help Employees Stay Fit While They Sit

If your employees work long hours in front of a computer, they have probably experienced stiffness and fatigue in the back…

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Updating your office so that it's more environmentally friendly is an ideal opportunity to reduce spending over time.

Ways to Go Green Without Spending a Lot of Green

Many business owners are looking for ways to go green without having to make a major investment in the project. Becoming…

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