You should survey your employee to figure out their health plan preferences. Then, separate them into must-haves and nice-to-haves.

3 Health Plan Exercises to Find Your Best Option

Picking your company's next health plan is one of the most important benefit decisions you'll make every year. It's also a…

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With a PPO, your employees can still see out-of-network doctors. With an HMO, they cannot.

HMO vs PPO: What’s Right for Your Small Business?

Health insurance plans use a provider network system to determine which doctors your employees can see and at what cost.…

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When you plan company health insurance, you need to balance finding a plan everyone likes along with controlling costs.

Understanding Health Care: Tips for New C-suite Executives

As people move into C-suite positions, they take on new responsibilities, such as managing the company's health insurance…

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Telemedicine, the ability to see doctors remotely, is one breakthrough transforming the health care landscape.

3 Ways the Health Care Landscape Is Changing Thanks to Technology

Over the past decade, the health care landscape has changed dramatically thanks to new technology. A few breakthroughs…

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A business owner compares plans with his new insurance broker.

5 Questions to Ask Your Broker to Find the Right Plan

An insurance broker's job is to help your company find the right health insurance plan. They can be a valuable source of…

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You should explain the health plan changes in a variety of ways like brochures, one-on-one discussions, and group seminars.

How to Explain Health Plan Changes to Your Employees

Whenever you adjust your insurance benefits, you need a plan for explaining the health plan changes to your employees. After…

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A group life insurance plan makes it easier and less expensive for your employees to buy life insurance.

Picking a Life Insurance Plan for Your Business

If you want to offer your employees another workplace benefit, consider group life insurance. These plans make it easier and…

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When you look at health plans, out-of-pocket expenses are just as important as the monthly premium.

Health Plan Checklist 101: What Should You Look for When Updating Benefits?

When you pick next year's health plan, it's one of the most important decisions you'll make for your employees. But it's…

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With an FSA, your employees can use pre-tax earnings to pay for health care expenses, like prescription drugs.

Are Flexible Spending Accounts Right for Your Employees?

Even if your employees have health insurance, they're still paying out-of-pocket for all kinds of medical expenses.…

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Energy-efficient lighting pays for itself over time by lowering your energy and labor costs.

4 Energy-efficient Lighting Tips for Businesses

Setting up energy-efficient lighting for your business isn't just good for the environment. It can also boost your bottom…

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An employee can focus on getting well because her workplace has a good plan for managing health problems.

Managing Health Problems That Lead to Workplace Absences

When an employee regularly misses work because of health problems, it puts you in a tricky spot as a manager. You need to be…

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Your young employees need your help when they sign up for their first health insurance plan.

Try These Health Plan 101 Tips for Young Employees

Joining a new health plan is always a little intimidating. It's even more nerve-wracking for an employee who just turned 26…

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