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A brass figurine of Lady Justice in front of books.

How Robolawyers May Affect Small Law Firms

Artificial intelligence (AI) has gotten powerful enough that it's now capable of high-end professional work like law. Given…

A business owner checks in on his latest technology upgrade.

When to Invest in Some New Tech for Your Business

Technology never stops improving, with the result that no matter how hard you try, there will always be another upgrade out…

A hand searches through a file cabinet.

Are Your Employees Struggling to Access Their Medical Records? Help Them Know Their Rights

When the government passed the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), it became federal law that…

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Female employee writing at her desk.

What Employers Need to Know About Hourly Employee Benefits

If your small business hires both salaried and hourly workers, you'll need a plan for when to offer employee benefits.…

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An employee gets the care they need, knowing the cost will be reimbursed.

How Tax-Free Reimbursements Can Help Make Employee Health Affordable

With the cost of health care on the rise, your business may not be able to afford an insurance plan that covers 100% of…

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Woman browsing a company career page on her phone while sitting with a laptop.

Must-Haves to Make Your Small Business’s Career Page Stand Out

In today's tight labor market, business owners need to consider every strategy they can to attract employees. A top-notch…

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Young man takes a selfie by a palm tree.

Identifying and Preventing FMLA Fraud in the Workplace

The Family Medical and Leave Act (FMLA) gives employees the right to take unpaid time off when they have a serious health…

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Businessman holding coffee and looking at smartphone.

3 Tools to Help You Automate in Your Small Business

Running a small business is a battle to do more with less — especially as you try to match the performance of companies…

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Two smiling machinery employees assess a factory for a safe work environment.

Securing Your Business Series, Part 3: Your Employees

It can be a dangerous world out there for a small business without a plan for keeping your business secure. Earlier parts of…

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A security camera on a wall to improve a company's small business security.

Securing Your Business, Part 2: Safety in Your Physical Space

In part one of our small business security series, we covered how to protect your organization from cybercrime. Though much…

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How to Manage Workplace Injuries Effectively

Compared to a lot of work sites, your standard office environment probably doesn't seem too dangerous. And that's true up to…

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What to Know About Short-Term Disability Benefits

When an employee gets sick or injured, they have more than medical bills to worry about. They might also need time off of…

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