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Child walking hand in hand with a parent towards home

It’s Back-to-School Time: Keeping Kids Healthy

With back-to-school comes a "back-to-germs" feeling for many parents. Soon, your child will walk in the door coughing or…

Doctor Bandaging Women's Leg

Controlling Costs: Emergency Room Costs and Usage

Most individuals don't recognize the emergency room cost they (or their insurer) has to pay for each visit. Does it matter…

What is a Floating Holiday? Understanding Floating Holiday Policies.

Are Floating Holidays for Small Businesses Really Best?

Floating holidays for small businesses can seem difficult to manage, but they're a benefit that employees really enjoy. A…

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Young woman ill at work

Cold and Flu Season Is Here: How to Maintain a Healthy Workplace

There's a higher likelihood of experiencing respiratory illness during cold and flu season, which spans most of fall and…

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Man shakes female employer's hand

Navigating Health Care for Part-time Employees

Are you legally required to provide health care for part-time employees? In the eyes of the federal government, a full-time…

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A family walks hand-in-hand on the beach.

How ‘Unlimited’ Is Unlimited Vacation?

Unlimited vacations sound like a big boost for employee morale and a deep financial hole for small businesses. The fact is…

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Strawberries, grapes, and blueberries

Snacking at Work: Encouraging Healthy Options for Employees

Snacking in the workplace is nothing new. The way we do it today, however, is much different. It might have been commonplace…

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Man receives instructions from health care worker.

How Sorting Through Health Care Data Saves on Cost

Health care data solves problems by helping companies of all sizes make decisions like choosing the best health care plan…

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women using a vending machine

Workplace Vending Machines: Swap Sugary Candies for Nutritious Treats

Providing vending machines for your employees isn't a new concept. However, with the urge to provide employees with…

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Happy Baby

After Maternity Leave: Welcoming Your Employee Back

Warmly welcoming an employee back from maternity leave is an important way to show true compassion and interest. Many new…

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Woman holding tissue to her nose.

Go Organic for Cleaning Supplies This Cold and Flu Season

Cold and flu season can put a drastic halt to your employee's productivity. The National Institutes of Health reported that…

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two women discuss insurance for travel

Travel Health Insurance: Are Your Employees Traveling Overseas?

As companies expand, travel health insurance may become vitally important. Employees traveling overseas may not have access…

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