A group of employees work together in a shared workspace

Shared Workspace: How to Keep Your Employees Healthy

Shared workspace environments are increasing in popularity among small businesses. They're a great way for companies to cut…

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A Baby Boomer and a Millennial working together

Health Care Coverage Needs: Tips for Reaching Young, Old Employees

It's amazing how health care coverage needs vary between generations. Today, small businesses are made up of people from…

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A couple discusses health care plans while sitting at a table.

High-Deductible Health Care Plans: Are They Right for Your Company?

High-deductible health care plans (HDHPs — also called consumer-driven health plans or CDHPs) that come with a savings…

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A financial controller has a meeting with the CEO.

Why a Financial Controller Is the Perfect Choice for a Small Business

A financial controller can be a boon for your small business. When business owners find themselves focusing too much on…

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A man and woman using a health app while working out.

How Health Apps Can Increase Wellness Program Participation

Health apps are an effective tool when it comes to increasing your employees' involvement in wellness and weight loss…

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Three employees chat while looking at a computer screen.

6 Tips to Help Transition from Freelancers to In-House Employees

Freelance work is a great source of talent for your small business. But as your company grows, you may become interested in…

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How to Use Wellness Programs to Promote Employee Health

Wellness programs can be a vital component of a positive, productive workplace. Whether you have a full HR department at…

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Workforce Health Plan Satisfaction: Why It’s Vital to Poll Your Employees

Businesses spend considerable time and resources on their employee health plan. When you invest in something so important,…

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Building a Social Media Strategy for Your Small Business

Creating a social media strategy can be a vital move for small businesses. Using digital channels can help you reach your…

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How to Pick Cost-Effective Health Plans for Your Small- to Medium-Sized Business

In recognition of National Small Business Week, we've put together some tips to help your company grow. Read on to learn how…

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Paternity and Maternity Leave: Planning Ahead to Support Your Employees

Offering a generous maternity leave plan can help smaller businesses compete for top talent. If you also offer paternity…

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Workplace Training: Out-of-the-Box Ideas to Make Workshops More Effective

Workplace training is vital to helping your employees grow, become better at their jobs, improve customer service and…

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