Healthy employee at work

Providing Health Care Coverage: Tips for Small Businesses

Providing health care coverage is vital for a small business. Good coverage can not only attract and keep quality talent,…

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Employee visiting a doctor thanks to FSA money.

Understanding FSAs: How Employees Can Use Flexible Spending Accounts

Properly understanding flexible savings accounts (FSAs) can make all the difference in whether your employees use them or…

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Happy bank customers

Health Care Involvement: 5 Lessons Businesses Can Learn From Banks

You can improve health care involvement at your business by looking at how banks engage their customers. Even if you invest…

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A healthy employee

HRA: The Key to Cutting Costs

A health reimbursement account (HRA) might be your secret weapon for cutting down your small business' health care costs.…

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A woman employer reviews her different insurance options.

How Can Self-insured Plans Impact Your Business?

Self-insured plans come with many rewards, but you have to be OK with taking quite a few risks to enjoy them. These plans…

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Employees work out after work.

Health Care Coverage for Blue-collar vs. White-collar Employees

Health care coverage works best when it meets the unique needs of your staff. Not only do you want to cover commonly…

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An employee workshop about health care plans

HSA: How to Encourage Employees to Use Them

A health savings account (HSA) plan can be a great solution for small business employees. But helping them understand why it…

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Two colleagues running to improve their health

Digital Health Care Transforms Employee Wellness

Digital health care is a great way keep your employees fit and happy. But how do you keep up with the latest trends? As the…

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A woman practicing yoga thanks to a great benefits plan.

The Health Advantages of Human Resources and Finance Working Together

Health benefits are most successful when a business's human resources decision-makers and finance experts work together…

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A man talking to a doctor from his health care plan

How to Respond to Health Plan Complaints from Employees

How you handle health plan complaints from your employees can say a lot about your business. Employees are conscientious of…

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A man reads his employer-sponsored health plan option.

Employer-Sponsored Health Plan: Understanding How the Plan Works

An employer-sponsored health plan is typically the best choice for employees who have an option between getting a plan…

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Woman visiting the doctor

Supplemental Insurance: How to Help Employees Make the Right Choice

Supplemental insurance can be a worthwhile investment for your employees. But with so many packages and options available,…

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