A group life insurance plan makes it easier and less expensive for your employees to buy life insurance.

Health Care For Your Company: Building the Right Plan and Sharing It With Your Employees

As an employer, you not only need to find a health plan that meets your employees' needs, but you need to figure out a way…

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A woman looks at her balance sheet and prepares for GASB Statement 75 changes.

GASB Statement 75 Guideline Changes for 2018: How to Prepare

GASB Statement 75 guidelines will bring a number of changes beginning in 2018. It's important for public sector employers to…

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Discussing Employee Health Plans and Benefits

Best Ways to Introduce Your New Employee Health Plan & Benefits

Now that you've chosen a new employee health plan, the work isn't over. Your next step is to find fun ways to introduce your…

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A woman feels very stressed at work.

Can Stress Cause a Heart Attack?

Can stress cause a heart attack? Recent studies have shown that stress at work might actually put some people at greater…

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Benefits Trends 2017: Best Employee Benefits Packages

Attracting Talent With Benefits: Top Benefits of 2017

If you're interested in attracting talent with benefits, a good place to start is by looking at what were the most popular…

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Explaining Employee benefit trends in 2017

The Top Employer Benefits Trends of 2017

Studying benefits trends can give your business a good idea about what benefits to provide in the coming year. In the…

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Healthy employee at work

Providing Health Care Coverage: Tips for Small Businesses

Providing health care coverage is vital for a small business. Good coverage can not only attract and keep quality talent,…

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Employee visiting a doctor thanks to FSA money.

Understanding FSAs: How Employees Can Use Flexible Spending Accounts

Properly understanding flexible savings accounts (FSAs) can make all the difference in whether your employees use them or…

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Happy bank customers

Health Care Involvement: 5 Lessons Businesses Can Learn From Banks

You can improve health care involvement at your business by looking at how banks engage their customers. Even if you invest…

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A healthy employee

HRA: The Key to Cutting Costs

A health reimbursement account (HRA) might be your secret weapon for cutting down your small business' health care costs.…

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A woman employer reviews her different insurance options.

How Can Self-insured Plans Impact Your Business?

Self-insured plans come with many rewards, but you have to be OK with taking quite a few risks to enjoy them. These plans…

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Employees work out after work.

Health Care Coverage for Blue-collar vs. White-collar Employees

Health care coverage works best when it meets the unique needs of your staff. Not only do you want to cover commonly…

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