health savings acount 2019 limits

How Are HSA Limits Changing in 2019?

For business owners, it's important to stay informed on the latest changes in the health care space, including the new…

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Absence Management

Do You Know the Full Costs of Workplace Absenteeism?

While you know that employee absence has some effect on your business, it may be costing you more than you realize. But…

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LGBTQ Health

LGBTQ Health and the Benefits of Diversity in the Workplace

If your business wants the benefits of diversity in the workplace, LGBTQ health care is essential. According to the Center…

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Over-the-Counter Drug Abuse

Over-the-Counter Drug Abuse: Educating Employees on Side Effects and Overdose Prevention

While most people think of alcohol and illegal drugs when they consider substance abuse, over-the-counter drug abuse is a…

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Children's Health Care

Controlling Costs: Children’s Health Care

In 2013, children's health care spending amounted to $233.5 billion, according to JAMA Pediatrics. As an employer, you…

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2018 HSA Limits?

What Are the Latest Changes to HSA Limits?

Update: The IRS has announced that the family limit for 2018 HSA contributions has been raised to $6,900, which is the…

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In-Home Care Services

In-Home Care Services vs. Inpatient Hospital Care: How Do the Costs Compare?

How do in-home care services compare to inpatient hospital care in terms of costs and quality? You might be surprised to…

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Pregnancy Benefits

Pregnancy Benefits: What Does Your Maternity Insurance Cover?

What type of pregnancy benefits should your business offer? To know how to answer this question, it's crucial to keep up…

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Health Care Costs

How to Help Your Employees Control Their Health Care Costs

Health care costs can sneak up on you if you don't stay on top of them. But figuring out how to stay on top of those…

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Health Care Expenses

Unnecessary Health Care Expenses: How to Avoid Them

Unnecessary health care expenses can end up costing companies and their employees a lot. As NPR reports, a study by the…

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Health Insurance Enrollment Rates

Health Insurance Enrollment Rates: What to Do If Employees Just Aren’t Signing Up

Did health insurance enrollment rates drop at your company this year? If so, it's important to take active steps to improve…

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health insurance exchange

Small Business Health Insurance: Is Off-Exchange Right for You?

Using the health insurance exchange isn't quite as confusing as it may sound. If you're a small business owner providing…

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