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Young woman helping an elderly woman walk.

Addressing Social and Community Context to Improve Health Outcomes

For our health and well-being, where we live geographically is just as important as our social and community context —…

Naval officers saluting.

Learning From the Navy’s Value-Based Care Implementation

Value-based care implementation is a top priority for today's health care organizations, but many are unsure of how to…

Baby Boomer jogging.

Baby Boomers and Health Care: How Value-Based Care Can Help

Baby boomers and health care are two subjects that should be on every employer's radar. There are roughly 75 million…

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Employee asking a question in an educational seminar

Why Education Level and Health Go Hand-In-Hand

Each year of college completed by an individual can reduce mortality rates by 15% to 19%, according to the Brookings…

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Nurse inputting data into an electronic health record

How Emerging Medical Technology Shifts Care From Volume to Value

Hospitals receiving value-based incentive payments are more likely to adopt emerging medical technology to support new…

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A group of employees sit at a cafeteria table while eating healthy snacks.

Why Social Determinants of Health Hold the Key to Employee Wellness

When most people think about staying healthy, the first things that spring to mind are cutting down on fast food, logging…

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Patient asking her doctor questions

How PCP-Employee Engagement Lowers Costs and Keeps Employees Healthy

Patient-provider relationships take time to develop; but once they're established, they can greatly benefit employee health.…

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Employer shaking an employee's hand

How Employers Can Address Poverty to Improve Health Outcomes

It's a striking statistic: According to the United States Census Bureau, nearly 40 million U.S. residents live in poverty.…

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Doctor and patient talk during a consultation.

Why Patient Centricity Matters in Health Care Today

Patient centricity is all about putting patients first — making them the "center" of the health care experience. In a…

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Why You Should Consider Vocational Rehab Services

Why You Should Consider Vocational Rehab Services

Nearly one million individuals with disabilities received vocational rehabilitation services in 2016 — and over half of…

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To have the best shot at tackling the complexities of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), employers should begin to prepare for open enrollment now.

Preparing for Open Enrollment Is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

As with any long-distance race, preparing for open enrollment is all about endurance — taking your time, pacing yourself…

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Employees With Medical Conditions

Tips on Managing Employees With Medical Conditions

In New Jersey, a man won a wrongful termination lawsuit after his company fired him for leaving the worksite to get his…

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