Diabetes in the workplace

Diabetes in the Workplace: How You Can Help Your Employees

Diabetes in the workplace is becoming more prominent as an increasing number of U.S. adults are diagnosed with the disease.…

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Online Tools for Health Care Lessen Administrative Tasks

Online Tools for Health Care Lessen Administrative Tasks

Online tools for health care are vital in this age of technology as they lessen the administrative burden of demystifying…

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data in health care

Data in Health Care Can Bring Savings Opportunities

Data in health care is fundamental in improving the quality of care and its daily operations. Today, the health care…

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benefits of CDHPs

Cost-effective Benefits of CDHPs for Small Businesses

The cost benefits of CDHPs are one of the reasons for their increase in popularity among employers. According to a study…

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Getting a Physical

Getting a Physical Is Essential for Staff Well-being

Getting a physical shouldn't be taken lightly, as it can identify health problems early before they become serious to the…

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How to Find a Doctor

How to Find a Doctor in Your Provider Network

Helping your employees find a doctor isn't a daunting task with the advent of technology. However, the tools available can…

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How Automation Makes the Workplace Safer

A competitive advantage in today's manufacturing world, automation is responsible for the accurate mass production of goods…

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healthy employees

3 Ways to Encourage Healthy Employees

Turning regular employees into healthy employees can be a bonus to your organization in many aspects. Healthy staff means…

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use preventative benefits

3 Ways to Aid Migraine Treatments for Employees

If migraine treatments are covered in your company's health plan, employees who suffer from this debilitating headache will…

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new parents

6 Proven Strategies to Keep New Parents Productive and Happy

Starting a family can be both a rewarding and daunting experience for new parents. Many struggle at performing child-minding…

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office hazards

Are Office Hazards Costing Your Company Too Much Money?

Employers should take office hazards into serious consideration to protect the health and safety of office workers.…

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benefits package

3 Great Benefits Package Options for Small Businesses

Nowadays, it's common for small business owners to offer a benefits package to employees on top of their monthly salary.…

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