Insurance Premiums: Where Does Your Dollar Go?

Your company spends a lot on health insurance premiums to support better health for your employees. Have you wondered how…

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How Pharmacy Benefits Support Employees’ Mental Health

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Once a topic seldom discussed, employers are now recognizing the importance of…

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The 4 Biggest Digital Health Care Innovations of 2018

Digital health care is growing at an unprecedented rate. A record $3.5 billion was invested in 188 digital health care deals…

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health plan costs

New Ways to Reduce Health Plan Costs

Reversing the trend of rising health plan costs is important. This short video explains a few ways we're accomplishing,…

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How an ACO Can Change Health Care for Employers

An Accountable Care Organization, or ACO, is a group of health care professionals who work as a team to coordinate care for…

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Anthem’s Clinical Site of Care Review Program Makes Specialty Drugs More Convenient to Obtain

Specialty drugs can be expensive and it can take a while for employees to receive them. To cut down the stress and…

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