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4 Health Care Trends to Watch

Health care is constantly evolving and innovating — a fact that can either overwhelm or energize large group decision…

Partnership is the key to providing the right benefits

Having trusted partners is important when it comes to a company's benefits package. Not only can it make the process…

Providing benefits means peace of mind for you & your employees

Providing health benefits is important to you and your employees. A good health plan not only helps to attract and retain…

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Controlling Costs Part 3: Talking to Your Doctor About Health Care Costs

While your employees rely on their doctors to know what's best for their health, it can be intimidating to bring up…

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Controlling Costs Part 2: Being an Informed Consumer

Your employees rely on their health benefits to manage their mental and physical well-being, but they may not know that…

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Controlling Costs Part 1: Understanding America’s Health Care Costs

Some people believe high health care costs are inevitable – even if they have great insurance benefits through their…

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Infographic: Managing the Costs of Hepatitis C

Skyrocketing rates of Hepatitis C are the latest fallout from the opioid crisis. Opioid use/abuse frequently leads to…

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Large Employers

Health Care Reform Checklist For Large Employers

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Use Preventative Benefits

ACA Preventive Care Benefits Flier with Pharmacy

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When you plan company health insurance, you need to balance finding a plan everyone likes along with controlling costs.

Health Care Reform Checklist For Small Employers

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small business

Small Business Focus: How a Virginia Church Keeps Employees Happy through Health Benefits

Finding a health plan that fits a workforce of varying ages and family situations sounds complicated, but a church in…

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CAR T-cell Therapy: Weaponizing the Immune System to Fight Cancer

CAR T-cell therapy is a type of immunotherapy where a patient's own T-cells are genetically engineered to help their immune…

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