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Doctor and patient discussing a chart

New Rules for FSAs and HSAs in Light of COVID-19 and Tax Season

Flexible spending accounts (FSAs) and health savings accounts (HSAs) provide valuable tax benefits for your employees, but…

piggy bank with letter blocks spelling F S A, for "flexible spending account"

Health Care FSAs: What You and Your Employees Need to Know

A health care flexible spending arrangement — or health care FSA, sometimes referred to as a flexible spending account —…

Health care professional gives a thumbs-up.

What Health Plan Star Ratings Mean for Employers

Health plan star ratings are debuting in the health insurance exchanges nationwide this fall. Similar to the existing star…

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Young office worker training two colleagues on a laptop

Creating Growth Opportunities for Open Enrollment

There's no question as to why open enrollment (OE) is such a nerve-wracking time. The stakes are high: The last thing you…

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Employees engaged in a conversation

When Is a Low-Deductible Health Plan the Right Choice for Your Employees?

Open enrollment is fast approaching for many businesses. And while it's a hectic time for employers, the process of choosing…

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A stressed-looking man reads a surprise medical bill on a piece of paper while sitting with his laptop in an office.

How New Proposed Rules About Health Care Pricing Transparency Could Affect Your Small Business

Health care pricing transparency has been an elusive goal for many years, but the federal government appears poised to make…

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A runner stops to check their heart rate with a fitness tracker.

The Right Way to Integrate Wearables Into Your Employee Wellness Program

Wearable health trackers are everywhere, and their popularity only continues to grow. Look around any public space and…

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Employee raising hand to ask an open enrollment question

Getting Creative With Your Open Enrollment Communications

Employees consistently rank health insurance among the most important benefits that employers provide. But does that…

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6 Unexpected Ways To Use Your FSA

Both employees and employers tend to really like flexible spending accounts (FSAs). Employees get to pay for a variety of…

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Educating Your Employees on Avoiding Health Insurance Penalties After Retirement

As employees approach the end of their careers, it's likely that most of them will have questions about retirement health…

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An HR decision-maker answers open enrollment questions in front a group of employees.

Answering the 6 Most Common Employee Open Enrollment Questions

Employees consistently say that when they're choosing where to work, health insurance can make or break their…

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Who Should Be Involved in Choosing an Employer Health Insurance Plan?

If you're considering offering employer health insurance for your small group for the first time — or if you're looking to…

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