What is the main focus of the site?

The Benefits Guide takes topics and news pertaining to the health care landscape and explains how they affect employers.

What topics are covered on the site?

Our writers explore a range of topics, including suggestions for encouraging healthier lifestyles, managing insurance costs in the office, and navigating the legalese that typically accompanies health care laws.

Who is the site for?

Our content is created with small-business decision makers in mind, but most information can be used across any businesses.

I’m thinking about purchasing health care for my small business. Is there somewhere I can get a quote?

Check out our Request a Quote feature to get a health insurance quote that fits your small business.

Where can I follow you on social media?

You can follow us on Twitter here and join in on our LinkedIn discussion here.

I have an idea for an article, is there somewhere to submit my idea?

Yes! Please head to our Feedback page to leave any suggestions.

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