Does it seem like your employees are struggling to get going as they return to the workplace every Monday? We’ve all fought through some rough Mondays, but you don’t want it to be a routine hindrance. How can you make an effort to reinvent Mondays for your workforce so the day feels more like a time of renewal and a chance to start the week on a good note? Let’s check out some simple changes that could make a real difference:

  • Establish priorities ahead of time. Your employees might get their momentum going early by setting aside time on Friday to create a list of what they want to accomplish on Monday.
  • Schedule a team meeting. Mondays are a good day for team meetings — you can let everyone ease into the workweek with a discussion of priorities and goals, getting everyone in the right mindset for the week.
  • Time for employee recognition. A good way to boost morale is to make Monday a day for employee recognition. Employee appreciation boosts morale and is an excellent way to alleviate the early week doldrums. Why not use your Monday meeting to call out and reward specific employees for any work they’ve done that goes above and beyond their usual duties?
  • Casual Monday. Casual days tend to be scheduled for Friday, but what if you scheduled them for Monday? If your workforce is typically business casual or more formal, using Monday as a day to allow your employees to wear more casual attire when appropriate could be a relaxing way to start the week.
  • Hold social events. On Monday, your workers might feel the need to socialize with their colleagues and talk about their weekends. If you scheduled a “Good Morning Monday” breakfast hour for 30 minutes before your usual starting time and goes through the first 30 minutes of the workday, it helps everyone start the week off casually while having some oatmeal and coffee. Devoting time the social aspect of your workplace can help brighten the mood right at the start of the week and allow everyone to plunge into their work with fewer distractions.
  • Healthy workplace initiatives. Monday is a great day to schedule an exercise class before work or at lunchtime. Think about starting a weekly activity competition that measures something tangible, such as steps or miles run. You can use the first day of the workweek as a chance for everyone to catch up on the competition, which can create some positive energy right off the bat.

Making Mondays a little less painful can be as easy as changing things up just a bit. Brainstorm what may work for your workforce, and watch employees’ moods – and productivity – get an early week boost.

Mary Parsons is retired from a 30-year career in the insurance industry. She worked in the claims department of a major insurance carrier as a claims adjuster, manager and a member of a catastrophe team. Since her retirement, she has developed a career as a freelance writer. As an insurance professional, she has been a contributor to several insurance websites.