5 Ways You Can Help Your Employees’ Mental Health

Many employees may be struggling during this time as they deal with the stress, anxiety and depression from working from home. From managing family members all under the same roof at the same time, to home schooling to general worries about the pandemic, they may need help. These five tips can help you offer them support.

  1. Refer employees to their Employee Assistance Program (EAP), if you have this benefit. It’s not always easy for your employees to understand what they are going through. They can take comfort in knowing their EAP offers resources to support them, such as information about mental health issues and online video counseling with a therapist. Your employees can also access their EAP website for tips and tools on how to take care of themselves. EAP is confidential and available at no extra cost to them.

  2. Promote self-care. Kick off an entire month focused on your employees and their mental well-being. Each day, your employees can do something that offers them a healthy break. It can be a walk, listening to a podcast, yoga, connecting with a friend, a few minutes of fresh air, or other activities that promote self-care and wellness.

  3. Host a virtual social hour. Many of your employees may be feeling isolated during this time. Help them connect with their coworkers by scheduling a virtual coffee or lunch. You can also schedule virtual birthdays and work anniversaries.

  4. Offer more flexibility. Working from home affects everyone differently. You can help by talking with employees and making adjustments to their work schedule to allow more time to take care of children or others.

  5. Check in weekly. Show your employees you care about them by scheduling weekly individual meetings. Find out how they are coping during this time and if there’s anything you can do to help, such as referring them to mental health resources or adjusting their work schedule.

Your employees’ mental health may be more important now than ever. We’re here offer you support and guidance to help.

Source: Pandemic Takes a Toll on Employees’ Emotional Well-Being (accessed May 2020)

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